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Sat Tracking By Pencile

Hello All,

I have a satellite / education related question.  I use NOVA for locating
the satellites I'm interested in.  NOVA makes sat tracking easy.  However I
also like to speak to students and teachers about the educational
applications of Amateur Radio.  (Some of you may have seen my recent QST
article in page 57 of the August issue.)

I wonder if it's possible (or practical) to work satellite formulas on paper
for instructional purposes.  In other words, take a set of elements, take
your lat/long and current time, plug the numbers into the formulas, and turn
the crank to reveal where a satellite will be in the sky at a certain time.
If this could be done, it would be a wonderful educational activity for

Any ideas about whether this could be done?

73, James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, Texas

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