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Susan Helms Field Day Activities


As all of you know, Susan Helms did a spectacular job as the first field 
day contestant from space.  We were so impressed with Susan's abilities on 
the air, that we wanted to give her a little recognition for her 
efforts.  Prior to the STS-104 flight, the ARISS Team worked with STS-104 
astronaut Jim Reilly to fly one of the ARRL 2001 Field Day pins with the 
intention of presenting this to her.  Jim brought the pin up in his 
personal effects and was planning on presenting it to Susan.  Until now, we 
were not sure if this presentation was made.  While looking through the 
Expedition 2 photos, I discovered a real cool photo taken on July 16 with 
Susan at the station.  You can see this photo at:


When reviewing the photo, I noticed a couple of things:

1)  She is proudly wearing the ARRL Field Day pin
2)  It looks like the crew has moved the station into a new location in the FGB
3)  The Hi-res photo is so good that you can clearly make out the markings 
on the equipment

When we gave the STS-104 crew the pin, we asked them to read the following 
to Susan and they presented it to her.  I thought you all would enjoy this.


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
Chairman, ARISS-International

Field Day 2001 Presentation to Susan Helms

"On behalf of the ISS Ham Team we present you with this ARRL (American 
Radio Relay League) Field Day 2001 pin. Thank you very much for 
participating in Field Day from the solar powered space station amateur 
radio station in the FGB.  Your pioneering efforts as a field day contester 
set a high standard for future crews who will  participate in this annual 
June event.  The ISS Ham station is a vital emergency communication link, 
just like the  hundreds of thousands of amateur radio stations on 
Earth.  Through field day, you have demonstrated these capabilities to hams 
around the world.

  73 from all the hams on Earth." 

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