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UISS 1.0 Windows Packet Program

Hello All,

I notice in the last few months that many people are looking for a easy
Windows program to work ISS. Well, I've programmed one just for that reason.
This is what it does:

UISS v1.0 has been designed for easy packet communication with
ISS (International Space Station) or 'compatible'... You can digi the
ISS with UI-frames headers only or complete with TX-data (text). You
can connect to and send pre-defined BBS commands or activate a beacon.
The program has been developed for easy use without using a full blown
packet program with a overkill on options!
You can also use the program for terrestial packet or easy monitoring of
packet traffic...

The program uses the SV2AGW AGW Packet Engine so you can use this program
with any modem installed that is supported by AGW! So you need to install
AGWPE drivers on your system to.

Special digi options easy to use are implemented. A automatic MHeard-
list of all stations that are being received is viewed and can be saved.
With a internal Notebook you can enter all information you need or want
about ISS or packet in general...
A special build-in alarm can be set to monitor a special callsign or
a specific word in the data being received. Ideal for use when
ISS, callsings or a particular part of data has been received!
The entire data (or selected parts) can always be saved to disk or printed.
UISS has a support of several external commands compatible with
the commands used by GP (Graphic Packet).

Remember that this is the first version of UISS and it still in a
developing stage and needs to evolve... Any suggestions or comments
are a great help for future versions.

And best of all, It's FREEWARE...

With my best 73",
Guy, de ON1DHT
E-mail: on1dht@amsat.org
My Homepage: http://users.skynet.be/on1dht
UISS can be downloaded from there or go direct to the UISS page at

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