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Re: ISS orbital 'roll'? etc

Hi de ZL!
Replies from Louis W5DID & Tony VK5ZAI re above much appreciated..TNX

Tony: Interested in your remarks following contact with Susan KC7NHZ
on ISS. We are certainly finding dead periods extend up to 50% of pass
time when no digi/aprs beacon sigs are returned to several ZL stns are
trying to access.
We now have a north/south chain of 25+ monitoring stns known in ZL as
ISSIG (ISS Interest Group) which discuss observations/results via a
link up on our UHF frequency..'The System' after each pass.

We would appreciate your assistance in asking the onboard hams to give
ZL a CQ on phone ... we have missed out so far. We do appreciate the
heavy work load they have experienced but hope they may have a chance
to come up over New Zealand prior to return to earth. Thanks for any
help and other info.
Regards Derek ZL1AKJ
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