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Re: Packet Terminal Program

Here's what I heard/found concerning a simple terminal
emulator program for packet. Again, my objective was to
get a Windows program that is a bit more tuned to packet
than the standard Windows terminal emulator (HyperTerminal).
Something like HyperTerminal plus
    Split window for transmit and receive text
    Timestamping of text [my tnc doesn't do timestamp ;-(]
DOS programs
  YAPP    http://users.skynet.be/on1dht/hamsoft.htm#soft9
  splitterm.exe   ????
  paKet   http://www.acay.com.au/~tonyl/paKet.htm

Windows programs
  winPack http://www.peaksys.fsbusiness.co.uk/index.htm

I checked out YAPP and PaKEt..they seem like fine DOS
programs but operate in a DOS metaphor (function keys
and hotkeys). These would be great for older PCs, memory
limited PCs, etc. 

I found that I really wanted to stay with a Windows ap
as the UI metaphors are easier for me to remember and
it integrates nicely into the Windows environment. 

My conclusion is that I will stay with WinPack. It does
what I need even though it is overkill. I bumped into
other similar Windows packet software that all seem to
carry a heavy load of features along with it. (Perhaps
there is a rule that IF you use Windows you must load
up on the features :-)  

I'd say there is an opening for a modernized, Windows-based
program like YAPP or PaKet without all the BBS features
that WinPack has. Or maybe its too small of a niche 

Thanks for all of the suggestions on this topic.


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