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Online 1.6d3 available for download


Further to my message of last week, MarkSpace has just released Online 
1.6d3, their terminal program for PalmOS devices, for download as a public 
beta version.  This latest version includes the fix for a bug which had 
kept it from interfacing properly with a packet radio TNC when running on 
my Handspring Visor Deluxe.  As I mentioned last week, the hotsync port on 
a Visor Deluxe is not a true serial port, and thus requires a special cable 
to interface with the RS-232C port of the TNC.  The  MarkSpace part number 
for this cable is DCH-M9.  Note that this cable works with the original 
Visor and the Deluxe, but not the Platinum or the Edge.

I've just tested it and the system works like a charm.  True pocket packet 
with my AOR AR-210 miniature TNC and Yaesu FT-50R or Kenwood TH-26 handhelds.

For further information, visit www.markspace.com.


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