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Clarification Next ARISS school contact is today July 12 at 19:23 UTC

Hi all,

I noticed that I did a typo.  The correct website to listen is MSNBC.com.  

The school is in Massachusetts and an ARISS ham ground station located in
California will be making the contact.  The school will be linked to W6SRJ
via the ARISS/SAREX telebridge system provided courtesy of WorldCom.

The next ARISS school contact is scheduled to take place today July 12 at
19:23 UTC.  MSNBC.com coverage starts at 19:15 UTC.  The school is Peebles
Elementary in Buzzards Bay, MA.  The contact will be handled via the ARISS
telebridge system by W6SRJ.  You might be able to to hear the crew on the
downlink of 145.80 MHz.  Good luck Peebles!

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS mentors

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