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PocketAPRS on a Handspring Visor


I've now got PocketAPRS v1.16 running on my Handspring Visor Deluxe, 
courtesy of a MarkSpace DCH-M9 DataCord that provides a 3-wire RS-232C 
interface from the Visor's USB hotsync port.  The hassle is that not all 
TNCs are supported by PocketAPRS.  An ancient AEA PK-232 works fine
with PocketAPRS set to the Tiny-2 position, but the AOR AR-210 evidently is 
not supported.

I've had a few e-mails back and forth with MarkSpace about their PalmOS 
terminal program, Online, and the DCH-M9.  The most recent beta version, 
v1.6d2, has a bug which kept it from working through the DataCord on my 
Visor Deluxe until Brian Hall, Online's developer, came up with a fix 
(which he did within 48 hours of being told of the problem!).  Now I have 
Online working with the AR-210, to give me true pocket packet with the 
Visor, if not pocket APRS.  I'm sure Brian will have the corrected version 
on MarkSpace's web site soon but if you need it faster, he'd be happy to 
send it.

73, Ray, W2RS

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