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Re: Callers on simplex (and repeat callers).

At 05:16 PM 06/24/2001 +0000, Ray Soifer <RaySoifer@cs.com> wrote:
>in New Jersey there seem to be many stations calling Susan on 145.80 

I heard that too here in New Brunswick on one occasion.  The caller even
thought he had worked her and was striking up a conversation.  Her
exchanges just sync-ed with his to promote the illusion, poor bugger.

He probably will go to his grave thinking he worked Susan.

Susan is doing an amazing job working the FM pileup, which must be unreal
on her end.  She is already an exceptional contest op, and I really hope
many of the Field Day stations working her had media present to record the

And a great big raspberry to those who were calling and did NOT need the
QSO because they were not participating in Field Day or already had her in
the log. 

Anyone who made an incidental conversation with Susan (just to prove they
could break the pileup) and did not need the contest credit just ruined it
for one or more other Field Day stations, including kids, other new hams
and likely hundreds of potential AMSAT members.

my 2¢ worth

Brent Taylor, A+, Net+, VE1JH
Doaktown, N.B.  (FN66)
Environment Canada Severe Weather Watcher

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