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I did it!!!

Dear Friends

Today is a memorable day for me
Six plus years after I did my very first contact with a human on 
space (and also my first QSO with the Space Shuttle),
today I did it again, this time with the International Space Station.
And, guess what??? I did it with the same person!!!
Yes, Susan Helms has been my lucky star!
Thanks to her, some of my dreams came true. 
And that certanly makes me a happy man!!!

About today pass's, from 1815-1825z, Susan made several
QSO's: G, EA, IT9 and the first CT - CT1ETE.
Although I called her several times, she didn't got my full
callsign (only the last 2 letters).
The next pass, at 1950z, I was ready again! 
I wasn't sure if she would be able to be QRV, but this pass 
was certanly much better for me (40 deg. max elevation). 
But luck was on our side. At AOS, she was back. 
And, after a couple QSO's  with  EA stations (and EI3JA/m), 
I got my chance. And I didn't "wasted" it this time!!! 
What a fabolous contact!!!  :0) 
She was in a very good mood, and did a loud laugh when 
I asked her about our previous QSO.
She mention that flight (STS-64) got her hooked on ham radio,
and how much Dick (KB5SIW) teached her.
She remarked: "That was a fun flight." 
After our contact, she did several more, with EA6, EA8 
and IT9 stations.
BTW, the signal went up as much as 59+40!!! 

So, it was a fantastic saturday over Europe
I just hope all you on Filed Day are having as much fun as
we, on the other side of the ocean. Good luck everybody!

A last word of apreciation, to all who made ARISS project
come true! MANY THANKS.

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. As soon as I fix the problems with my sound card,
        I'll post the audio files on my web site, ok?

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