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Susan Helms & Field Day ON Voice 16:30 UTC

Hi All:

I just talked to Susan Helms on ISS today (june 32, 16:30 UTC).
She was interested in the rules and exchange for the upcoming Field Day
here in the USA.  I explained the basic rules and exchange.  She then
a dozen practice FD contacts over the eastern USA.

She will say something similar to:
NA1SS 1A (maritime mobile , the FD rules to not have a category for
Manned Satellite operations)
Her country of origin is Russia.  
So you should log it as a Russian Maritime Mobile or Russian Airanotical
Technically after checking the rules she should really be a 1C to expect
a possible change from 1A to 1C.

Someone said, contacts with ISS do not count.  I can not find that in
the rules any where.
Maritime mobiles do count.
If you do make a 2-way voice contact, then you will get 1 point.
If this is your first satellite contact during FD, then you get a 100
point bonus for a total
of 101 points.

The rules for packet are a little different for satellites, please read
them carefully.
If the packet DIGI is on, then you will be contacting other hams via the
unproto mode.
for tips on unproto 

Packet contacts are 2 points

Please be courteous and wait for Susan to call CQ!
Then just say your call sign ONCE and only ONCE!
Then Wait for here to respond to a station or call CQ!
Do not transmit again unless you hear your call or CQ!

QRP stations, I am sorry to say, pleases skip ISS this weekend.
The noise levels will be too high.  Only high power stations 
will have much of a chance on voice.  Sorry.

See Franks memo below

Subject: [sarex] Susan Helms & Field Day
   Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 12:21:43 -0400
   From: "Frank H. Bauer" <frank.bauer@gsfc.nasa.gov>
     To: sarex@AMSAT.Org


I mentioned yesterday that Susan was interested in talking to hams
field day.

I just got a call from Mission Control-Houston.  Susan wanted to make
she was going to be using the correct freqs for the field day event. 
wants to participate in field day like any other ham on Earth.  I 
understand she plans to log her contacts and submit a field day log like 
other hams participating in the event.

Remember, NA1SS is a "club call", so she probably will use 1A ISS as a 
station designator.

I gave them the usual international freqs:

145.80 Downlink  Worldwide
144.49 Uplink Regions 2 & 3 (americas, asia, australia)
145.20 Uplink Region 1 (Europe, Africa)

Good luck.  It sounds like she will be on the air.

See the ariss web page for more details on ARISS, see the ARISS web


73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO


Rules, 2001 ARRL Field Day

4.5. (Class C) Mobile: Stations in vehicles capable of operating while
in motion and normally operated in this manner. This includes maritime
and aeronautical mobile.

7.3.7. Satellite QSO: 100 bonus points for successfully completing at
least one QSO via an amateur radio satellite during the Field Day
period. Under the "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" (rule 3.7.2.),
the no-repeater QSO stipulation is waived for satellite QSOs.
Groups are allowed one dedicated satellite transmitter station without
increasing their entry category. Satellite QSOs also count for regular
QSO credit. Show them listed separately on the summary sheet as a
separate "band."
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