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Susan Helms & Field Day


I mentioned yesterday that Susan was interested in talking to hams during 
field day.

I just got a call from Mission Control-Houston.  Susan wanted to make sure 
she was going to be using the correct freqs for the field day event.  She 
wants to participate in field day like any other ham on Earth.  I 
understand she plans to log her contacts and submit a field day log like 
other hams participating in the event.

Remember, NA1SS is a "club call", so she probably will use 1A ISS as a 
station designator.

I gave them the usual international freqs:

145.80 Downlink  Worldwide
144.49 Uplink Regions 2 & 3 (americas, asia, australia)
145.20 Uplink Region 1 (Europe, Africa)

Good luck.  It sounds like she will be on the air.

See the ariss web page for more details on ARISS, see the ARISS web page:


73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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