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ISS Voice, Where are the European hams?

Hi All:

June 22, 2001  17:40 UTC

I had a nice chat with Susan Helms on ISS today
while she was over the USA.  She is really enjoying
talking to the public and exchanging real conversations,
not just 5/9 thank u.
So if u hear her, take your time and enjoy.
and please be courteous.


Susan said, she has been calling when over europe
and africa but has not heard much activity.
(ISS is Txing on 145.800 and listing on 145.200 while
over Europe and Africa).

Note:  iss changes channels depending on which
part of the word they are over
http://www.rac.ca/arisnews.htm#Frequencies in use

Susan and i confirmed she is using the correct channels
over the proper zones.  So, hello Europe and Africa, ISS is calling you.

The best time to find iss on voice is between 17:00 - 22:00 utc

73 Miles

iss tips.

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