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Hello to all,

here just to inform you about the ARISS-EUROPE web page and QSL bureao for 
ISS contact for  EU peoples.

All the Best,
Andrea IT9GSV

Amateur Radio on board International Space Station

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF - ARISS Europe Administration
Avenue Paul Hymans 117/29  -  B-1200 Brussels - Belgium
Tel  : +32.2.771.67.74     Fax : +32.2.771.49.89     E-Mail : gaston.bertels 
@ chello.be

ARISS Europe Newsletter

1. ARISS-Europe web site
The ARISS-Europe board decided to create a ARISS-Europe web site.
The purpose is to present the european branch of ARISS and its specific 
The site is now operational : <http://www.ariss-eu.org>
The pages are is presented in English.
Members societies are invited to develop national ARISS web pages in their 
country's language(s). Basic material can be taken from the ARISS web site 
and from the ARISS-Europe web site for translation.

2. ARISS-Europe QSL Bureau
We received offers for running a ARISS QSL Bureau for Europe from Andrea 
Bonaiuto  IT9GSV and from AMSAT France.
The board decided to entrust AMSAT France with this task. We thank Andrea 
IT9GSV for his offer and are confident that Andrea will lend a helpful hand 
on this or on other tasks.
QSL Manager : 	Christophe Candebat, F1MOJ 	F1MOJ@aol.com
QSL Bureau :
ARISS-Europe QSL Bureau
c/o AMSAT-France
16, rue de la Vallée
3. QSL cards
The layout of the ARISS QSL card has now been finalised and ARRL is ready to 
order printing. The price depends on the quantity and is estimated at $0.61 
US per card.
We appeal to the ARISS-Europe member societies for sponsoring the purchase 
of a (limited) stock of cards. ARRL is awaiting our order. Please send an 
email to ON4WF before end of June 2001 if you accept to sponsor a certain 
Many thanks.

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS-Europe Administration
ARISS-Europe News 01 06 13.rtf

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