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Susan over Europe

Hi All

I had a feeling this weekend!
My bet was the last 3 pass's over EU, but I decided to
follow *all*, just in case... And my intuition was right.
Today (17 June) at 1927z, I heard Susan Helms.
If it wasn't the first time over Europe, it certanly was the
first time I heard it (after 6+ years). What a thrill!!!
This wasn´t a good pass for me, so my reception was far
from good. Even so I heard several contacts, and among
the lucky, are: G4WSZ, ON4CHP and DG4BH.
Unfortunatly my signal wasn't strong enough to reach ISS,
but it was exciting just to listen it.
About the signal, it reached 59, but it was 55-57 mostly.
I noted, however, several deep fades.

Well, now that Susan knows there is *activity* over Europe,
I hope she will return fast ;0)

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Yep, I have it all on tape :0)

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