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ISS / School contact over Aust.

A school telebridge contact between the ISS and
Henley School in Oregon, USA is scheduled for
June12 at 18:38 utc. The radio link will be done
over Sth. Australia (Wed. June 13  04:08am Sth.
Aust. time) Frq. will be 145.800 mHz.

      Regards Tony.

 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator

 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison. VK5ZAI
 P.O. Box 216, PARINGA. 5340.
 South Australia.
 Grid.QF05jt: AMSAT Aust..#799
 Member of AMSAT-NA....#33418

 WEB SITE: http://www.electric-web.org

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