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ISS Visual at ISS Forum 2001 - June 5, 2001

Hi Berto and ALL,

Yes it was a beautiful pass over Europe but also on June 5 we had two passes
over Europe very brilliant.
We were in Berlin at ISS Forum 2001 with 1st ISS Crew: Sergei Krikalev, Yuri
Gidzenko and Bill Shepherd.
I and IZ6BYY with a notebook were on the boat in Berlin with U5MIR and all
other Astronauts and Cosmonauts for a dinner and we show to all invited
people ESA, NASA, NASDA etc etc the pass at 88 degrees over the city at
21:43 UTC.

In the afternoon ISS was shown at the opening meeting by several screen and
in a 3D presentation, but the top :) was when in the night ISS has appeared
to the horizon as to greet all participants.

With evening pass over Europe we have great possibility to see ISS again for
several days  :o)

  Good luck   de IK1SLD Claudio


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> Hi all,
> Had a great ISS visual pass over Belgium tonight at
> 21.47 UTC, max elevation 71 degree.The station
> brightness went brilliant for about 15 seconds then
> receeded to its normal level.
> Best 73, ON1CAU Berto
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