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ISS frequencies

Hi guys,

Realistically, the 2-meter frequencies for ARISS are not going to change in 
the foreseeable future.  The astronauts have rejected the idea of 
simplex.  As for uplink alternatives to 145.99 for worldwide packet and 
144.49 in Regions 2-3 and 145.20 in Region 1 for voice, trust me, the 
ARISS, AMSAT and IARU folks have been through every possible alternative, 
and while they're not perfect, they were the least-imperfect choices that 
could be made given all of the band plans in use throughout the world.  So, 
let's get on with trying to do the best we can with the imperfect situation 
we find ourselves in.  Later versions of the ARISS hardware will permit use 
of other bands.

73, Ray, W2RS 

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