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Re: A good use of bandwidth

Dear Miles,

Miles wrote:
> A good observation, however it needs to be
> read a little closer.

Indeed, let's do that.

> If the channel is dead or OFF hours, there is no problem
> with lots of transmissions.
> I my self will have a long conversation with others via
> ISS during weekdays, when ISS activity is very low.

The point is, how do you make that decision? You determine it is off
hours. You determine there's not a lot of traffic, because you don't
hear any. Perhaps there are some QRP stations out there (like me) who
wait for these off hours but don't stand a chance. With my little QRP
station I can forget the hours that the ISS is highly utilized so I have
to resort to those OFF hours. It doesn't make a difference if you have
50 high power stations working at ON hours, or only 2 at OFF hours
transmitting tons of packets.

> A "Rag chew" is like Fishing, it encourages others to join in
> or just enjoy listening.

Funny thing is that the posted log doesn't even show a "Rag Chew", it
does not even show a single message to another station on ISS. I can
only conclude that you're reacting so some posts/email messages that
were directed at you in the past and that you just see this as an
opportunity to vent on it for a bit....

> If you decode this log 
>(and ill assume it is unedited)


> you 
> will see that most of the transmissions from wa6lie are
> more than 10 seconds apart.

Golly Gee, that was considerate! I'm sure there were no other packets on
the uplink from the same station or others that didn't make it in.
Besides, only 12 of the 22 packets were more than 10 seconds apart...

But let's indeed look at the log a bit closer as you suggested in the
first part of your post. 

- There are 4 posits of that station in the first 32 seconds. 
- A total number of 22 packets of that station in 4 minutes and 47
seconds of the log. 
- 12 packets indicating the position
- 2 email packets
- 1 bulletin
- 7 ISS objects

None of these packets was directed to any other station on the ISS. Are
these highly redundant posit packets really necessary? Isn't it good
enough to just get one in, perhaps two and then stop transmitting these?
And is transmitting the ISS object every 30 or so seconds really

> I even saw gaps of over 40 seconds, with ZERO activity.
> A 40 second gap of zero activity to me, means the band 
> may be dead.

There was only ONE gap of over 40 seconds in the log you're commenting
on. There are 10 gaps of 10 seconds or less between packets from the
same station. Yep, I would conclude that the band was dead and not that
others might have given up trying to share the joy of working through
the ISS.

> Think before you transmit and
> Think before you post.

Good advice. Shall we all try this?


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