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ISS on voice over Europe (?)


I tuned my receiver to 145.8 yesterday evening for the 21:30 UTC pass. Since
I heard nothing, I switched my receiver to scanning mode to check if there
is any activity on the 2m Band. It stopped at a FM signal on 145.975 where I
heard voice in russian language. So my question is now, was it really the
ISS and if so, why are they using this frequency, was it for talking to
family or friends?

For information: During the pass I had the following sats visible:
AO-10 (34k km range and I don't think if there is a FM signal on AO-40s
transponder, I would hear it with my handheld)
WO-18 (Has no 2m downlink and is not operational as reported by ANS)
GO-32 (reported as semi-operational but has only 70cm downlink too)
SO-35 (Isn't working anymore, but had a downlink frequency 145,825)
SAUDISAT-1B (shall have a 70cm downlink)
and of course ISS

Thanks for any information

Andy, oe1dmb, Vienna, Austria

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