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Re: UO-14 , FO-29, FO-20, QRM via ISS

Tim and All,

It would be easier for the informational bulletin to come from ISS.
Unfortunately, it can not happen yet. As Bob said, there are 2 USA uplinking
stations to send the info via ISS. We are running these transmissions
automatically long enough to get an ack digis from ISS during a local pass
only. The transmissions cease after ISS has left the horizon of the
uplinking station.
In addition, there are also 2 stations sending their data via ISS to the
internet that gets posted at http://www.ariss.net One on the West coast on
the other on the East coast.

73, and have fun!!

Scott  WA6LIE

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On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Tim Cunningham wrote:

  >  > The best way is to distribute the information is in the beacon on the
  >  > 145.800 MHz downlink.

  > I was reminded... that we could do the same in our own beacons to
  > spread the word.  Why wait for the TNC on ISS to be reprogrammed, when
  > we can add the information to our own beacon for others to see...

Yes, but we only need One station doing it and that one station should be
using HIGH power so that it only needs to transmit the Bulletin once per
pass.  Thus, only one packet added to the uplink congestion to get the
word out.

If we had 10 people offering such helpful beacons, each transmitting say
once every minute (so that at least one got through from his 50 W station)
then we would be adding 100 congesting packets to the uplink for the same
effect.  Also, all 10 stations would have to manually activate and
deactivate these beacons before and after a pass.  Each one that forgets
just adds QRM to the other 8 satellites...

That is why I loaded the 1 line Bulletin on the W3ADO East coast ISS
tracking uplink station and asked Scott to add it to his West coast uplink
station.  This will keep the uplink loading to a minimum when we need to
get such information out to everyone.  Also, these stations are automatic
and only transmit during ISS passes, never inbetween.

de WB4APR, Bob

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