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Re: UO-14 , FO-29, FO-20, QRM via ISS

 > I wrote:
 > The best way is to distribute the information is in the beacon on the
 > 145.800 MHz downlink.  We should not be transmitting if we do not 
 > hear it.  When we hear it, it should contain the uplink channel in the 
 > beacon information.  Of course, this assumes (ouch!) that the TNC 
 > on ISS can be programmed with the information.  The optimal  place
 > to spread the word is from space.  Then, we do not have to wait 
 > several months for all the magazines and news articles to spread the
 > word.

I was reminded by a thoughtful person that suggested we could do 
the same in our own beacons to spread the word.  Why wait for the 
TNC on ISS to be reprogrammed, when we can add the information
to our own beacon for others to see.  This can be done today!

For example, a beacon could contain additional information like:

TX: 145.99 MHz
RX: 145.80 MHz


Transmit on 145.99 MHz
Listen on 145.80 MHz


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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