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Re: UO-14 , FO-29, FO-20, QRM via ISS

Tim Cunningham wrote:

 > It appears all the packet uplink activity targeted for ISS has a much
 > broader impact than realized.  The 145.825 through 146.00 MHz
 > spectrum provides satellite uplink and downlink activity that affects
 > various satellites in different ways from interference to possibly
 > affecting the hardware of a few satellites.

Just to add my input in the scope of the problem: About every third time 
I digi a packet with my email address in it through ISS, I get a note 
with tech questions in it from a newbie who has no contact with the 
SAREX/AMSAT/ARISS community and just saw the freqencies in a bulletin 
somewhere. Some of these folks have just been banging away with beacons 
without much briefing on technique and good operating practice on ISS. 
Others are listening, but getting ready to transmit.

So...I think there *is* a problem here, and it's a problem that may not 
be completely mitigated much by moving the uplink frequency--I'm not 
sure how many of these new ops are going to get the word if the ISS does 

73 de Maggie K3XS

PS: I don't mind the newbie questions and do my best to answer them 
completely and gently...it's part of the job for an ASMAT Area Coordinator.

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