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Re: UO-14 , FO-29, FO-20, QRM via ISS

Hi Jeff and all,

On 31 May 2001, at 13:53, jeff w griffin wrote:

> The simplex
> of 145.800 won't work either, then you will have the packet stations
> QRMing the voice uplink!

Yes, exactly.  And wouldn't that very fact make every one of us a whole lot 
more interested in finding and education these beaconing stations???  And then 
every one of us would be listening to the uplink too... and the congestion 
level could be better judged as well.  

Not that 145.80 is the best freq though... I have no idea.  But it seems that 
simplex would be the best conservation of spectrum, and it would immediately 
force all of us to be more concerned with bad operating habits.  If we could 
hear our neighbors calling on voice, we could take turns with them... rather 
than very likely transmitting at the same time.

Well, just a thought...

73 de Stan/W4SV

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