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RE: UO-14 , FO-29, FO-20, QRM via ISS

 > Van: jeff w griffin [mailto:kb2wqm@juno.com]
 > I agree with  Bruce , Tim,  and  Bob, there should be NO unattended
 > packet transmission's via ISS. The UO-14 interference is 
 > minor compared 
 > the possible damage to the FO bird's.  
 > Also....How about swapping the tx freqs for packet and voice? 
 > This would
 > cause the problem to go away. I don't see a problem with packet on
 > 144.490. And, it's pretty hard to do an unattended voice contact!
I think that would create an even bigger problem, in region 1 144.490 is in
the midle of the beacon band (on top of a popular german beacon).
somehow I don't think the crew will keep on switching between 144.490 and
145.200 everytime the come across another region.
maybe that is why the crew think there is noone waiting for a voice contact
over europe, noone apart from that beacon transmits on 144.490.

 > 73 Jeff kb2wqm

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup Netherlands

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