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copied in Moses Lake, Wa

(times are local)

N7GCW>CQ,NOCALL* [05/29/01  22:50:56] <UI C P>:
CQ CQ CQ via ISS!!

WA6NIA>APW246,NOCALL* [05/29/01  22:51:00] <UI>:
=3345.93N/11809.68W-PHG5190/QRZ via ISS -- wa6nia@arrl.net -246-<530>

KS7WY>CQ,NOCALL* [05/29/01  22:52:32] <UI R>:
DN43pi Dennis in Jackson, WY

N7GCW>CQ,NOCALL* [05/30/01  00:25:03] <C C P>
N7GCW>CQ,NOCALL* [05/30/01  00:25:18] <UI C P>:
CQ CQ CQ via ISS!!

VA7OTC>AP28,NOCALL* [05/30/01  00:25:28] <UI R>:
>300021z>CN88hk/- JD in Vic looking for ISS

WA6LIE-3>ISS,NOCALL* [05/30/01  00:27:53] <UI>:
!3641.28N/12139.83W'PHG9490/Hello All Schools: look at http://www.ariss.net

W6OTH>APS199,NOCALL* [05/30/01  00:29:13] <UI>:
=3727.43N/12153.73W&SILICON VY

WA7HRA>CN87KJ,NOCALL* [05/30/01  02:05:11] <UI C>:

KD6PLI>CM87XX,NOCALL* [05/30/01  03:40:27] <UI>:
!3757.24N/12202.84Wy/  kd6pli@benicia.ampr.org--HELLO TO ALL via ISS

K6SUU-7>APRS,NOCALL* [05/30/01  05:14:43] <UI R>:
re-elect W6LRG to Turlock, CA club president-"A boat anchor in every shack"
is his campaign pleadge-please e mail W6LRG@elite.net

KE6IXD>CM98QJ,NOCALL* [05/30/01  05:18:36] <UI C>:
!3824.15N/12039.12Wy/Hello From Fran In Ca Via ISS

submitted by Dave (N7OFW)

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