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ISS Packet Applications

Travelers and ISS:
Although unattended periodic packets are not welcome when ISS is over
populated areas and strongly discouraged, (USA, Europe, Japan, etc) this
does not apply to the other 70% of the Earths surface.  In those areas,
the  ISS packet digipeater suffers no congestion and can provide a
valuable service to link ham travelers in those areas worldwide to the
APRS internet system for Tracking, Status, Messaging and Email to

Since we have downlink internet linked stations in these remote areas with
virtually no congestion, I have drawn a WORLD map showing the service area
of this ISS packet digipeating system if permanently linked into the
internet from these sites:

Hawaii      Most of the central pacific Ocean
Canary Is.  All of the atlantic Ocean
Aus/NZ      All of the south west Pacific
S.Africa    The South Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Brazil      South America
Alaska      Alaska and North Pacific

See the Map of World ISS Coverage (about 2/3rds of the way down this
page):  http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/iss-faq.html

Remember, if the IGates on these remote areas are up full time, then
anyone within 2600 miles of those IGates have live links into the
worldwide APRS system (telnet to port 21) and can
communicate live to anyone anywhere...  and/or send EMail.

So if you are offshore, or wilderness traveling (1000 mi beyond the shores
of Europe or the USA) then don't forget, you have HT digital messaging
capability (and status/position reporting) in the palm of your hand.

Also see http://www.ariss.net which highlights only those stations heard
via ISS.  See http://www.aprs.net and select the world map to see everyone
else that they can communicate with...

And remember, unattended operation in the USA, Europe and any ham
populated areas, is not desired.  But if you are elsewhere, then plan on
communicating to the world via ISS!

de WB4APR, Bob

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