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Re: UO-14 & AO-27

the main problem is when a ham leaves his packet station on 24 hours a day 
to try and connect to the iss. this is very discourteous and should not be done. 
as you have evidenced, these hams are causing qrm on uo-14. i have 
contacted over a dozen hams that i have captured their packet on uo-14 
when the iss was not in view and they have ceased that type of operation. 
they should really set the beacon to only transmit after hearing a good packet. 

correct:    beacon every 0 after 1 
incorrect: beacon every 1 after 0

i think many hams don't understand all the commands for their tnc and thus 
have created a big problem for voice qso's on uo14.

that way, when the iss is heard, it will start transmitting and when the iss is 
gone, it will stop. we could all live with that. but transmitting every minute for 
24 hours per day is really bad.


> UO-14 is picking up ISS packet activity.  If you have packet and look at the
> traffic, you will see ISS traffic (NOCALL).  The downlink of ISS is 145.80 and
> uplink for UO-14 is 145.975 and with the doppler effect, it just feeds the UO-14
> uplink.

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