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Re: ISS UPLINK Monitoring Techniques...

Hi Dino and Everyone:

    FWIW - Tonight (5/28) at 10:14PM PDT(5:14UTC) I was listening to FO-29 (no one to work)
and noticed on my spectrum analyzer some FM signals around 435.810 (FO-29 uplink 145.990) and
at the same time ISS was within the FO-29 footprint. What I heard was a big mess! Now I see
why some are having problems. Nothing but constant packets (bunches of short overlapping packet
transmissions merged into one long packet) with little gaps of static in between (probably
when ISS TNC was transmitting). If you want to hear the mess, just check with your favorite tracking
program to find out when the next pass is for both FO-29 and ISS at the same time. Then
afterwards (or before) you can listen to FO-29 when ISS is not overhead and hear the difference
between the 2 situations. FO-20 also might be able to do this but is available only during daytime
the receive gain on this satellite seems to be not as good as FO-29.
Doing it this way you won't have to drive or climb a mountain. ;)

Just a thought
73, Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend.
Tom / N7HXP  Tacoma

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> I was giving this much thought and came up with the following game plan, which when thought about,
> opened a whole new set of questions...
> I live just outside of Denver.  I was thinking of driving to the top of Pike's Peak (14,110') to
> on the UPLINK frequency (once the road is open).  At first I was just going to listen via the
> radio and the Larsen 5/8 wave antenna.  Then I thought...
> How about using an EGGBEATER to pick up the horizontally polarized signals.  Then I thought...
> If the signals are horizontal, then they probably have a beam and it sure isn't pointed in MY
> direction!  The I thought.  Well, I could "PHASE" together a EGGBEATER and a VERTICLE!
> Then I thought...I'm up 14,000+', what about DOWNTILT!  I know some of you might think I'm
> putting WAY too much into this!
> So I came up with this...
> An EGGBEATER (K5OE) and a 1/4 wave folden monopole (big circular pattern).  For those lucky
> enough to have an M2 (or equivilent [if thats possible] :-) antenna, well, I might not hear you
too well.
> What I would like to see happen sometime in the future (if its possible) is for the ISS to make a
> DIGITAL recording of what she hears!  Send that DIGITAL recording here so some qualified amateur
> can decode the data being heard UP THERE!  Even a raw TNC data capture of everything she hears.
> Is there plans to fly a DDR (Digital Duplex Repeater) at a later date?  If not, maybe someone
> make one and get it approved!
> Whew...time for a Pepsi!
> Dino...k6rix@arrl.net
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