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My theory on ISS packet reception !!

My thoughts on the ISS. 2m. RX.
I like many others never had a problem with packet
on Mir even when I was running 5 watts up.
I can get into the ISS. TNC but find it requires
between 25 - 75 watts.
Being one of the ISS telebridge stations I have
done quite a number of family contacts for this
crew and also the last crew and on all occasions I
have found that they have trouble at AOS and LOS
receiving me, but I find their signal is still
quite readable. They are running a max of 5 watts
(I think)  and  I am running up to 75 watts into a
10 turn helix.
I don't think the problem is terrestrial QRM
'cause these contacts are done on an undisclosed
frq. and we have very little traffic down here in
Australia.  We do have a lot of QRM from the
Islands north of us on 2m. which can be heard on
AO-14 when it is a northern pass, however I am
referring to ISS passes that are well south of
these problem areas.
My theory is that either their RX is a little on
the deaf  side or there is something running on
board the ISS that is de-sensing their rig. By
this I am not ruling out that the TNC has problems
as well.
Let's hear your ideas on this.
       73 de Tony. VK5ZAI.

  Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator

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