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Re: ISS UPLINK Monitoring Techniques...

On Fri, 25 May 2001, Dino Darling wrote:

> I live just outside of Denver.  I was thinking of driving to the top
> of Pike's Peak (14,110') to listen on the UPLINK frequency...

Great!  Go for it. 
What we need here on the East coast is somone FLYING at 14,000 feet.

In colorado at that height, you will hear the "emissions" from a
population density of about 2 million.  about all you might hear is the
one guy in Col.Sprs that transmits every 3 seconds to ISS...

Flying over NJ, we would be listening to probably the emissions
from a population density of 36 million people.

Hummh... good idea!  Every HAM private pilot should take a 145.990
receiver with him whenever he is flying.  Then we can get lots of
free data...

In fact, what we need is a rig scanning from 145.8 to 145.999 and
recording data...  sort of a black box recorder....

de Wb4APR, Bob

P.S.  I looked up those numbers in the almanac.

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