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Newbie Tuesday

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Wow, sounds like a great experiment!  Why not ask for next tuesday? (but
> dont louse up the specification of "tuesday" like I did!) hi hi..

Well, "a closed mouth gathers no foot"... so I take my chances too!  ;-)

I'm thinking its just a wee bit soon for the newbie test. Lets at least get the 
passes starting in the evening during "normal people's" hours. I'd like to 
encourage as much "live activity" as possible for this one. I am still tickled 
to death every time I get a packet thru, or see someone else say hi to me... 
and I think all newbies could appreciate that feeling too.

I would think there needn't be "rules" against automated either... but I would 
like everyone to be cautious with their setups, and only go automated if 
necessary.  The "rules" would include making JUST ONE successful 
digipeat (thereby being eligible for an ARISS QSL card), logging it, then 
withdrawing from the test so more people could get in.  Of course, if some 
run automated, they may have redundant digi's... or some people may still 
get on unaware of the test. But I hope that the "winners" would be all the 
people who get on for the very first time.

Of course, we could be inviting chaos onto the channel too.  That's a scary 
thought. And sometimes I drive myself nuts because I like to look at both 
sides of an issue. There are a lot of people on this list that have been 
struggling for weeks to get thru... and inviting a whole new bunch of people 
might be hurting their chances more than helping!  Know what I mean?

In the time before the passes become suitable for this test, lets all talk 
about it some more. The time could be well spent "teaching" these potential 
newbies. We need some guidelines if possible... transmit rate, TNC 
settings, etc. Participants might be brand-spanking new to packet radio, or 
dusting an old TNC off the shelf... but all might be in need of some elmering 
for this event.  I don't think there is enough lead time to get any 
announcements into the major magazines... but there is time to raise a lot 
of publicity if we go forward with this test. Or we might wait until the next 
cycle of evening passes comes around... and try to get into the magazines.

All of us here are enthusiastic about the ISS, but its going to be up there for 
a very long time. Are we at a "very high level" of activity now because all of 
us have been anticipating this for so long? (I know I have!) Is the ISS TNC 
already saturated with users... where inviting maybe thousands more will 
cause serious problems? Maybe we are at a "low activity level"... where the 
future holds increasing numbers of new hams being licensed, and 
increasing numbers of people who will become interested in space 
communications.  I am not a prophet, but I ask a lot of questions!  ;-)

Would a "trial run" be a good idea?  Take the upcoming set of evening 
passes and do minimal publicity... perhaps giving an advantage to those on 
this list... while the rest of us take a break?

So please... more comments!   Especially you folks out there who are 
having trouble!

Very 73,


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