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ISS UPLINK Monitoring Techniques...

I was giving this much thought and came up with the following game plan, which when thought about,
opened a whole new set of questions...

I live just outside of Denver.  I was thinking of driving to the top of Pike's Peak (14,110') to listen
on the UPLINK frequency (once the road is open).  At first I was just going to listen via the mobile
radio and the Larsen 5/8 wave antenna.  Then I thought...

How about using an EGGBEATER to pick up the horizontally polarized signals.  Then I thought...
If the signals are horizontal, then they probably have a beam and it sure isn't pointed in MY
direction!  The I thought.  Well, I could "PHASE" together a EGGBEATER and a VERTICLE!
Then I thought...I'm up 14,000+', what about DOWNTILT!  I know some of you might think I'm
putting WAY too much into this!

So I came up with this...

An EGGBEATER (K5OE) and a 1/4 wave folden monopole (big circular pattern).  For those lucky
enough to have an M2 (or equivilent [if thats possible] :-) antenna, well, I might not hear you too well.

What I would like to see happen sometime in the future (if its possible) is for the ISS to make a
DIGITAL recording of what she hears!  Send that DIGITAL recording here so some qualified amateur
can decode the data being heard UP THERE!  Even a raw TNC data capture of everything she hears.

Is there plans to fly a DDR (Digital Duplex Repeater) at a later date?  If not, maybe someone could
make one and get it approved!

Whew...time for a Pepsi!


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