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Donīt blame your station...

Hi all,

My grid locator is HM49,(39º28N ,31º08W,just in
the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean),
and most of the time i am alone in the ISS
I see any packet i send , every time i it "enter"
i get through .I don´t make any correction for
doppler,the freq deviation is from factory.
When ISS goes above Europe, it stop responding.

So, don´t worry about your setup,if it works
with terrestrial packet , it will work with ISS.
The problem is uplink occupation .
One thing,however:i can´t use my preamplifier,if 
i want to receive my own transmition (only in
this case).
I saw a message a couple of days ago saying the
TXdelay of the TNC aboard ISS was very short,
this is probably the reason.

I hope this will help,

Best 73 and good luck.
Fred, CU8AO.

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