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ISS QRP Test Results (2nd draft)

Second draft of ISS QRP test results From the Tuesday overnight (23 May)
passes. This report will be REVISED if we get anymore feedback of missing
data..  Counts show only packets that seemed to be periodic so that
they had statistical significance.

If your call is not here and should be, or if your call is marked with a
*, we need more info on your power, antenna, coax loss and/or XMT rate.
The intended test stations were HT's with attached antennas, representing
a handheld test scenario.  But thanks to everyone that participated with
their data even if most of their signal was lost in coax.

Data captured on ARISS.NET:
 N2LZH*   1 Btext
 W3ADO    1 Posit, 1 Msg, 1 Status (one every 4 min)
 N5VFF-1* 1 UI
 WA6LIE  11 BT, 1 msg evy 2 min 
 W7CRC-3  2 posits from D700 evy min
 N8WDN*   1 Btext
 KB2WQM-3 3 50W mobile posits Omni every 3 mins
 VE3EYR*  2 WinAPRS posits
 W5GGW-7  1 HT posit on 1 min rate
 K6SUU-7* 2 Kenwood posits in Japanese PNTS mode
 N7EZV    3 BTexts 5W every 1 min to an omni via 65' of coax
 AB2CJ*   9 Posits, 2 msgs WinAPRS
 W6OTH*   5 posits
 KC7KMP-5 2 HT posits 5W every 1 min
 N6CO*    1 BText    
 KF7E*    1 Btext
 K6NFL*   1 BT posit   
 KD6PLI*  5 Pkts (3 msgs)

Stations in other logs:
  N9YUK-5*  1 packet
  KB3BRT    3 pkts, 5W HT     evy 2 min on Beam elevated 15 deg
  N3ZLL-9   4 pkts 50W mobile evy 2 min cycle in clear
  KB2WQM-4  1 pkt.  Station serves as an ISS Igate
  KF9WW*    1 Pkt using 15 watts
  N8QLT*    1 gridsquare
  K1OLS*    1 message
  WA6YET*   1 empty UI
  VE3UIN-9  3 pkt using HT with 5W omni every 1 min to 5/8 on truck
  K5OE*     1 gridsquare
  N7OFW     1 Pkt 5W omni every 1 min
  XE2MZS*   1 BText gridsquare 50w eggbeater every 1 min
  XE2NGT    2 10W handheld beam evy 2 mins to SW
  XE2ARF-4* 1 empty packet
  XE2ML*    1 BText

Stations trying but not seen on ARISS or other logs::   
  WB8ERJ    10W turnstile every 2 mins
  WB4APR-9  50W on 3 min cycle mobile whip in trees
  K3FOR      5W on 1 min cycle 1/4 magmount on car roof in trees
  KR1ST*     5W on 1 min to Jpole (But he also heard nothing too)
  KB7ADL        HT     no rate, power or antenna given
  VA3KGB     5W on 1 min cycle to Jpole with 60' coax loss
  W2KQ       1w on 1 min cycle with 125 feet of coax loss
  KB7ADL     5W on Eggbeater, no rate, no coax loss given.

Preliminary conclusions?
1) Nothing jumps out.  Many 5W stations got in.  Many didnt.
2) In general an HT with no coax to its antenna will outperform any
home 5w station through a length of coax.  So we are not discouraged by
many of the home station 5W failures.
3) Loading was quite light since this was the middle of the night.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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