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Re: ISS uplink monitoring

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Stan Vandiver wrote:

> However, I am again willing to experiment!  Would there be interest 
> in declaring an "All Quiet Day" on the ISS?  Where all of us who 
> have successfully digipeated (even if only one time) will stay off for 
> one whole day?  Then, as each new station gets through... with 
> just one good packet... that they also then stop totally to let more 
> new people in.

Wow, sounds like a great experiment!  Why not ask for next tuesday? (but
dont louse up the specification of "tuesday" like I did!) hi hi..
de WB4APR, Bob

> Could we get the word out successfully, since there are many who 
> are not on the mailing list?  Would enthusiastic first time users be 
> able to restrain from continued calling?  Is this "doable?"
> If it showed to be successful, could a "Newbie Tuesday" plan be 
> enacted... say weekly, or monthly... where it would always be an 
> ongoing event for new-people-only to try to get in?
> "Newbie Tuesday"... I crack me up!  ;-)  But I'm serious too!
> Comments?
> 73 de Stan/W4SV

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