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Re: Uplink monitoring

Hi all,

Stan, W4SV, makes a good point.  144.49, and 145.20 in Europe, are shared 
frequencies.  Good amateur practice is not to interfere with established 
communications that may be going on there.  On the other hand, 145.99 lies 
within an exclusive amateur-satellite segment that is recognized in the 
bandplans of all three IARU Regions.  There are not supposed to be any 
terrestrial amateur operations there.  If you find any, though, please 
remember that the right way to get them to stop is through education.  In 
the US, it's the only way; under Part 97, regional frequency coordinators 
have no jurisdiction at 145.5-146.0.  If it's an unlicensed intruder, 
document and record what you hear, then work with your national radio 
society to get your telecomms administration to take action, if possible.

Good luck & 73,

Ray, W2RS

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