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Re: ISS uplink monitoring

Hmm, another snafu with my email program. I had a number of 
messages to send, but because I didn't "check mail" first, they 
bounced back to me as possibly being spam.  Shucks!  It did look 
like one got through, but if the others did also, then this is a 
duplicate.  Sorry.  I love computers... I love computers...

On 24 May 2001, at 12:50, Dino Darling wrote:

> If we are all monitoring the uplink...then it would be "EASY" to get
> into the ISS!  :-)

That's a good thought, but I honestly don't think its true.  There are 
just TOO MANY reports of people having trouble, even using 
perfectly adaquate stations, and in other parts of the world where 
the activity level is not as high as here in North America.  But I do 
see new people getting through all the time too.  

However, I am again willing to experiment!  Would there be interest 
in declaring an "All Quiet Day" on the ISS?  Where all of us who 
have successfully digipeated (even if only one time) will stay off for 
one whole day?  Then, as each new station gets through... with 
just one good packet... that they also then stop totally to let more 
new people in.

Could we get the word out successfully, since there are many who 
are not on the mailing list?  Would enthusiastic first time users be 
able to restrain from continued calling?  Is this "doable?"

If it showed to be successful, could a "Newbie Tuesday" plan be 
enacted... say weekly, or monthly... where it would always be an 
ongoing event for new-people-only to try to get in?

"Newbie Tuesday"... I crack me up!  ;-)  But I'm serious too!


73 de Stan/W4SV

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