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ISS uplink monitoring

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Stan Vandiver wrote:

> ... shall we conduct an experiment to LISTEN TO THE UPLINK?  This has
> been an interesting experiment in throughput, but I don't think it
> speaks to the question of congestion on the uplink frequency....

At first I thought that it would take about 8,000 of us monitoring to
cover the same area as the ISS all during a pass to moonitor the uplink.

But wait.  If one of the contributing problems is just QRM (maybe not even
SAREX related) then we can monitor the frequency 24 hours a day and see if
we hear other junk on the uplink...  In fact, that is the best time to
monitor to find "continuous" radiators that are adding to our congestion.

I ask all SAREX operators to QSY their receivers to 145.990 while not
operating the pass and to just keep an ear out for any possible sources of
interference.  This should become a matter of routine.  We must protect
our uplinks, and only WE can do it....

de WB4APR, Bob

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