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Re: ISS packet test 5/23/01 from Massachusetts

Hello harrym!

22 May 01 22:36, you wrote to All:

 h>  I have tried 12 el vert and horiz and my big KLM satellite antenna in
 h> rt and lft polarization and 5 to 150 watts. Doesn't seem to make any
 h> difference, I can't get through. I also had no problem working MIR
 h> with the same equipment. Something is not right with the ISS station.

I'm becoming more of that opinion too, and am not the only VK to think so.
Here, it's not easy to blame congestion, as satellite activity over VK is much
lighter than over the Northern Hemisphere.  However, quite a few people I've
spoken with report no success with ISS (me included), and I only see a handful
of stations digi'd.

Downlink signals are generally very strong, with few dropped packets.

Tony, VK3JED

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