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Re: HT uplink test via ISS? Keyboarders uplink test

Hello Randolph!

23 May 01 21:23, you wrote to Margaret Leber:

 RK> You can get a feel for it by listening to UO-14 passes.  A lot of
 RK> packet on 145.99 is getting into the UO-14 uplink on 145.975.  Most of
 RK> the passes I hear now have packets on it even when the ISS is on the
 RK> other side of the globe.
 RK> Sounds like unattended  packet to me.   It just means that it takes
 RK> even more power to work UO-14 now.

I'd still like to hear the packets as received by ISS.  Would then be useful to
compare that with what UO-14 is returning.

Somehow, I think they'll send one of us to do a quick check. ;-)

Tony, VK3JED

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