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A quick observation...

Going to bed here soon... honest.  Sorry if you read my 2 reply posts in 
reverse order.  I'm not sure if I'm trainable or not <grin>!

Anyway, the ISS came overhead for the my first pass of the day as I was 
wrapping things up here tonite.  I ran a quick "alligator check" with me being 
the alligator.  Its late (12:20am local, 0520 UTC) but I hope I didn't cause 
too much interference.  Here's what I did:

Sent " >EN61op/- hi all " 12 times between 05:20:00 and 05:23:00 with 
success on the last one only (that I saw echoed back).  Ariss.net posted 
one of these packets in the "raw data" page, but I didn't look closely to 
determine if it was the same packet that I saw echoed.

Sent " >EN61op/- hi woody " (to W1SL) 12 times also between 05:24:44 
and 05:26:57 (my LOS time) with no success at all that I saw.

This is with the same ground plane antenna and 105 watt power level that I 
used for the ISS test. I hope that it demonstrates that being an alligator is 
not the secret of success either.  At this point, ERP seems to be a 
deciding factor, with a noticable edge in performance (ie, success) 
difference between the ERP of my ground plane (6 dBd) and beam (12 dBi), 
based on my past experiences so far.  I definately get more packets thru 
with the beam, almost all the time anyway.

73 es Good night!  (Really this time!)


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