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Re: HT uplink test via ISS? Keyboarders uplink test too.

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:

> At 10:02 AM 5/23/01 -0400, Margaret Leber <maggie@voicenet.com> wrote:
>> Vince? What exactly is a "straight keyboard" in this context, RTTY?  :-)

> Straight keyboarding is attended operation, where one operator attempts 
> to break through APRS and beacon congestion to have a mini qso with 
> someone else who's actually at their keyboard. 

Well, my APRS-formatted messages though ISS have always been attended 
operation, and I've always responded to greetings I've heard. Living on 
the East Coast, getting more than one packet digied in a pass is a "good 

My point being that just because APRS UI formats are used, that doesn't 
make the resulting traffic "interference". Since AX.25 connected mode 
operation in this case is kind of silly (and will in fact result in 
automatic beaconing when the connection is inevitably disrupted) I think 
it makes sense to run APRS formatted messages over UI frames, since you 
can say more in shorter frames. A shorter frame is less likely to 
collide with others.

Within the context of this experiment, I also think unattended operation 
for one late-night period qualifies as "good practice". Of course in 
general unattended ops on this frequency should be discouraged.

It would be really cool if we could get a trained ear to report back on 
what the packet uplink *sounds* like up at the ISS. Or better yet, a 
sound clip. That might provide important clues to the collision rate and 
deviation issues. And speaking of devations....

 > A straight keyboard is also the opposite of a gay keyboard.

How boring, both of them. I've always operated a multimode station, 

73 de Maggie K3XS

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