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Re: Re: Some people just don't get it.....

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Bugs wrote:

> Well I have tried for 2 weeks with 5 watts FT-817 to make it.  Just doesnt
> happen here in Seattle.  We have many HI Watt station from CA and APRS that
> interfers with our attempts to connect ( CQ Via NOCALL ).  At 50 Watts or 
> 100 watts no problem.

There are NO APRS software nor Kenwood radios that send to the UNPROTO
path of "CQ via NOCALL".   Such packets are not APRS.

> We here in Seattle have all the packet channels full of APRS.  What ever
> happen to the good old days of just keyboarders. 

There is only one APRS frequency in Seattle or in the USA, 144.39.
I do think there was a known splinter group in Oregon that uses
APRS for a weather net on a single separate freqeuency where they already
had a digital network.

> FT-817 5 watts to an 7 dbi vert at 35 ft above the ground..

Thanks.  But What we need was your automatic packet rate for this
test.  Since you were  unsuccessful during the test, we need to know how
many packets you were transmitting... on the overnight test last night
(wee hours Wed morning)...

de WB4APR, Bob

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