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Re: ISS packet test 5/23/01 from Massachusetts

Hi all....

Arthur, N1ORC, has done a great job reporting ISS attempts from our area so I 
will not dupllicate them with mine.

I actually ran my test for the last 2 nights...5W into a CushCraft 11 element 
beam at 0 degrees elevation and 320 degrees azmuth....every 2 minutes...with 
no joy...

I can say that the beam is vertical on a metal mast (a long story) so the 
radiation pattern could be anything...but I was always able to access Mir 
when the channel was clear with this setup....

Possible difficulties I havent seen discussed:

1) Local Noise on the 145.99 receive channel on ISS?
2) The squelch is not set SOFTWARE on ISS TNC, the local squelch setting 
could be too tight?
3)  Does the ISS antenna stay in the same relationship to the earth 
throughout it's orbits? Does the station stay in the same plane throughout a 
pass and where is the antenna located in relation to these 
4) Could the receiver be slightly off frequency?
5) Suggestions have been to limit deviation to 3 khz...can the successful 
stations confirm this?
6) this has been discussed...How many stations are REALLY competing for the 
uplink ... is the noise floor very high?(why are there so few contacts 
outside the US?)
7) FM Voice can't be compared to packet....a fade that the ear compensates 
for can probably destroy a packet.( again..are obstructions on the platform 
causing fading/signal reflections?) 

Just ideas...no Flames

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