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Re: HT uplink test via ISS?

On 22 May 2001, at 12:37, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> ISS QRP test is Tuesday night local sun time (ie, WED morning) sorry for
> the confusion.  I should have used UTC, but the point was that it was to
> be an overnight test. We'll see ya WED morning to see how it went...

Oops... I jumped the gun.  Well, I didn't catch the "change in days" from 
your original post to amsat-bb... which pretty clearly said,

> Test period:    Midnight local time to 8 AM local time 22 May
> Test stations:  HT's (or equivalent) on omni antennas, 5W power
> Test rate:      One packet every 1 minute

Oh well.... not a problem, but UTC would have been better.  UTC would also 
have put the whole country on the same 4 or 5 passes rather than the time 
drift where east coast stations will start the experiment early and finish 
early.  That may also change the "competition factor" slightly.

I'll run the experiment again tonite on my local time zone.  Maybe I'll even 
get through tonite...  ;-)

73, Stan

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