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Re: [amsat-bb] HT uplink test via ISS?

On Tue, 15 May 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Bob and all,
> I think that's a great idea. If I can setup a script to transmit at the 
> appropriate times, I will... otherwise I will leave it monitoring and just save 
> the collected data. Why don't you post this to the sarex reflector also?
> There has been some speculation that perhaps the ISS tnc is getting some 
> "desense" from the 143.625 radio.  I have listened to many passes the last 
> few days to try to confim this but no luck... I have not heard a single 
> transmission on 143.625 during a packet pass (I used to hear Expedition 1 
> crew regularly on the same scanner/antenna)... but the throughput on ISS is 
> still not good.

Have also noticed much difficulty in accessing ISS from down in ZL. Regularly
only see two or three stations being digi'd. I used to be able to work MIR on
about 1w into 300 ohm ribbon Slimjim, now have to run 20w into 8el yagi and
feel I'm lucky to get one frame repeated during 10-20degree pass. I suspect that
local packet up to ISS is very light in ZL so dont think it's a matter of too
many trying at the same time, as you suspect in Northern Hemisphere. 
Almost as if there may be some structure on ISS shaddowing the antenna?

       Alan. (ZL2VAL)
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