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Commander Shepherd's visit of May 10, 2001 at Burbank School in Burbank, IL

Hi all,

Please check out the website below for pictures taken May 10, 2001, of 
Commander Shepherd's visit with Burbank School in Burbank, IL.  Shep visited 
for about 4 hours on that day.  The site is still undergoing some 
construction so you may want to revisit it a few times.


The convocation was absolutely outstanding as the school had put in a great 
deal of effort into the planning.  I was able to sit and eat lunch with Shep 
and we had a nice discussion about the ARISS program.  He is very interested 
in the educational aspects of the program.  There were several 
representatives from Adler Planetarium there also and Shep asked many 
questions about their space education program.

After lunch, everyone (and I mean about 500 or so students) went into the 
gym.  After hearing the orchestra play and several introductory speeches by 
the principal Bob Mocek and the coordinating teacher Rita Wright, everyone 
sat spellbound as Shep presented a talk about his days on the ISS.  He even 
had a video tape that showed life on the ISS; all of which I had never seen 

All throughout his talk, questions were addressed from the students.  What a 
thrill for the students.

After the speeches were given, numerous autographs and pictures were taken.  
I even had my Burbank T-shirt signed.  I actually had to sign a few 
autographs myself for the students on their T-shirts.

Just when I thought everything was almost done, lo and behold Shep went 
outside and talked with the Kindergarten, First, and Second grade students.  
They all sat out under a tree and got to ask questions.  There was even an 
original song presented (it could be a Grammy).  Once again, more pictures 
and autographs after that.

All and all, it was a fun afternoon for the students at Burbank.  I wish to 
thank Burbank for inviting me to come.  I know I am seconding Burbank's thank 
you to Bill Shepherd for his visit.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
Burbank School World First ARISS school contact
Burbank School Control Op
ARISS school mentor

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