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Re: Tolerence

> Actually, once happened a funny thing: Paulo, CT1ETE
> was calling him from his mobile station. JP didn't got the full callsign,
> but he knew it was a CT, so he asked: "Costa, is that you?" :0)
> Bottom line: be balanced as your conscience tell's you to do!
> In case of doubt, give others a chance.
> Best 73
> F.Costa, CT1EAT

That is exactly what I think. One must be balanced and think a little bit
about other stations that are always strugling to have one "only" qso.
Besides, there is one thing that I can't understand. When I was mobile with
a mag mount antenna and my TH-28 JPHaignere replied to me (that's true what
CT1EAT said :)). He heard TE and said "TE TE je vous ecoute". Imediately
several stations jumped in and I was not able to make the qso that time.
Fortunately I was able to do it some days later during a Saturday afternoon
(you can listen to that 5 watts/mag mount antenna qso by downloading the mp3
file on my web page). But what I am trying to say is:

What does a station calling out of turn ? Why a AA or KJ or TH or LB or
whatever calls when the cosmonaut is asking for a TE ? That is what I call
lack of respect and education. Those who do that should think a little bit
and find that selfish behaviour like this one turns what should be fun into
war IMHO.

73 CT1ETE, Paulo

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