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Re: Tolerence

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Subject: Re: [sarex] Tolerence

> I would think that there is only one person who can make the so-called
> 'rules' regarding thne number of contacts with ISS.  That is the person is
> the one at the microphone on-board the ISS  -- be it Susan or any other
> operator.  Nobody here on "Mother Earth" has that authority.

Please allow me to make a few comments on this subject.
IMHO, common sense should be the rule.
Looking from earth stations prespective, because these kind of
contacts are rare (at least over Europe), every "extra" contact
(with a ISS crew worked before)  means a contact lost for
someone else, who might be his/her first QSO *ever* with an
So, although there is no QSO limit, I think, once a station worked
a crew member once (and this is my standard), it should refrain
to look for more contacts with same crew.

On another hand (space operator prespective) my experience tells
me they like to have someone they know they are often there,
someone they can chat with. At least I experienced that twice,
both with MIR.
The first was with Valery Kozrum. He was very active over Europe,
but MIR last orbit of the day (over CU, CT3, EA8, CN) was always
very quite. He often called without reply. So I show up and say hello.
And I felt he enjoyed to listen a "familiar" voice. Someone he could talk
about the trivial things going on (and not so trivial, like the fire)!
The other experience was with JP Haignere. He was also very active,
but by then MIR was more famous. The QRM was so strong that
he hardly manage to do a single QSO over central europe on some pass's.
So, very fast, he realised who where the stations (particulary french)
who allow him to do regular qso's. And he called them.
I was one of the stations that he knew it was often QRV. So we became
"familiar" too. Actually, once happened a funny thing: Paulo, CT1ETE
was calling him from his mobile station. JP didn't got the full callsign,
but he knew it was a CT, so he asked: "Costa, is that you?" :0)

Bottom line: be balanced as your conscience tell's you to do!
In case of doubt, give others a chance.

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

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